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Our rapidly changing world continues to offer new opportunities to share information and activities. I have recently entered the exciting worlds of video and podcasts. Not so new to everyone, I know. But then, I am a slow adapter—which makes my entry all the more amazing to me, and, I hope, fun for my followers.

Jane Austen: From Paradise to..

My new entry in the video world is a series “Jane Austen: From Paradise to...”

Jane Austen

The first in the series is Jane Austen: From Paradise to Portsmouth

Jane Austen recalls her time in Portsmouth, and the importance of the Royal Navy to her family, reads excerpts from family letters, and scenes from her novels, especially Persuasion and Mansfield Park.

Jane Austen

Jane Austen: From Paradise to Lyme Regis

"Jane" takes viewers to her favorite holiday spot--Lyme. She shares from family letters and reads passages from her novel Persuasion whilst showing pictures from her day and ours.

Monastery Murders Videos:

A Very Private Grave

Trailer for A Very Private Grave, Book 1, The Monastery Murders

A young American woman, studying in a remote Yorkshire monastery, is launched into an itinerary of terror by the brutal murder of a beloved monk who leaves her an enigmatic journal. And then police accuse Fr. Antony. Are Felicity and Antony pursuing a killer or is murder pursuing them? Can they find the fabled treasure before the killers find them?

A Darkly Hidden Truth

Author Reading from A Darkly Hidden Truth, Book 2, The Monastery Murders

I read the inciting incident moment from A Darkly Hidden Truth.

Lent and Easter in a monastery—a sacred, set-aside time—until a valuable icon goes missing. And Felicity’s impossible mother appears unexpectedly. And a good friend turns up murdered...

A clerical mystery in the classic English detective style.

An Unholy Communion

Trailer for An Unholy Communion, Book 3, The Monastery Murders

The body plummeted from the tower, rolled down the hillside and landed at Felicity’s feet. So much for her plans for a quiet summer holiday. Sinister phenomena increase as Felicity and Antony guide a youthwalk along an ancient holy route in Wales and a quiet pilgrimage across the land of saints and legends becomes a life-and-death struggle between good and evil.