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Donna Fletcher Crow, Novelist of British History, has written more than 50 books specializing in British Christianity. These books include: The Monastery Murders, clerical mysteries; Lord Danvers Investigates, Victorian true-crime; The Elizabeth and Richard series, literary suspense; and Glastonbury, The Novel of Christian England. She loves research and sharing you-are-there experiences with her readers.

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Donna Fletcher Crow, Novelist of British History


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The Authorized Version

Donna Fletcher Crow, Novelist of British History

A traveling researcher engages people and places from Britain's past and present, drawing comparisons and contrasts between past and present for today's reader.

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Japan Journey Day 8 Bullet Train to the Past

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ June 28, 2017

We took the amazing Bullet Train
 in great comfort
complete with tea and sandwiches
right across Japan to Kanazawa, with their distinctive train station.
First stop, the Shiguretei Tea House
and garden.
Then a walk through the Castle Park.
Kanasawa, on the west coast, is a town little disturbed by earthquakes or war, so much of their medieval past is preserved, including the Castle from the 16th century with its distinctive watchtower
and dry moat. 
The architecture was much like the Imperial Palace, which is from the same period, and likewise surrounded by green.
Residents of Kanazawa live...


Japan Journey Day 7 Tokyo Tour with a Star

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ June 26, 2017

We are amazingly lucky today. Our guide is TV travelogue presenter Kit Pancoast Nagamura.   Kit is truly a Ranaissance woman. She is an editor, a columnist for the Japan Times, a photo-journalist, and a delightful person. She tailored our backstreets tour to our special interests, history and gardens.

We began at the Kiiyosumia Garden of Exquisite Stones. Kit, who the day before had taught haiku to a group of school children, posed by the Basho rock, inscribed with "The sound of a frog, jumping into an old pond"
Stepping stones allow...


Japan Journey Day 6 Imperial Palace Gardens and More French Connections

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ June 23, 2017

We began the day at the Imperial Palace Gardens. The area is surrounded by a massive stone wall erected of huge stones that made one think of the pyramids. The wall, in turn, is surrounded by a moat, as it has been since feudal times.

I am coming to realize that Japanese gardens are all about serenity, greenness and water. 
There is very little emphasis on color, although the iris,
and fuschia were lovely.
Roses featured in the Imperial Palace Rose Garden were all antique varieties. This was the only place I saw roses in Japan. I never saw an English tea rose, although their climate should be perfect for them. I was delighted to see an Old China...


Japan Journey Day 4 Thoughts on the Culture and Kitchenware Town

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ June 21, 2017

Walking to church this morning, ironically, through Rappongi, the red light district of Tokyo, was the only time I saw litter on the sidewalk, heard loud music, and saw a person smoking on the street. Tokyo is incredible for a city of 40 million. Quiet, clean and orderly; the people are polite and dress beautifully; the trains run to the minute. Anyone speaking on their mobile in public, especially with the speaker on, is a tourist.

What about the litter and noise in Rappongi? My son explained that it is very Japanese to keep things in their proper, very limited place. Therefore, two blocks of litter. Then clean again. In two weeks there I saw perhaps four people smoking on the street. Restaurants have smoking areas. They are full. I saw one person sleeping on the street. Again, in Rappongi. The few homeless people, official policy is that there are none, sleep in one area of the park. Jackhammers are muffled. Soundproof walls are built around construction sites and the noise level...


Japan Journey Day 3 Graduation and Tokyo Harbor Cruise

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ June 17, 2017

Grandson Thomas graduated from American School in Japan. I am delighted to say that the ceremony had a sense of dignity that did not include the air horns and raucus catcalls that have become a part of so many graduations.

Founded in 1902, Frank Lloyd Wright designed an early building for ASIJ which was never built. One of the top-rated international schools, the flags on the platform show the nations represented in their student body.
We celebrated with a cruise in a yakatabune, a traditional low barge style boat. 
Complete with dinner.
Tokyo Harbor is stunningly beautiful.
And lots of Karaoke singing. Karaoke, now that's something else I never thought I'd do. You truly never know what your grandchildren will...


Japan Journey Day 2 Kabuki

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ June 15, 2017

Went to see the Imperial Palace today, but discovered it is closed on Fridays, so instead walked in the Kitanomaru Park.

We missed the cherry blossoms, but I was delighted with the pink azaleas absolutely everywhere. Even small hedges lining the sidewalks.
Then to the Imperial Hotel, on former Palace grounds, 
for tea. 
This is the third Imperial...


Japan Journey Day 1 The French Connection

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ June 14, 2017

I never in my wildest imagination had thought I would go to Japan. But when you have family there what do you do?

Our great adventure began by checking into our fun, Japanese style room at the American Club.
Then off to see Le Cordon Bleu where our daughter-in-law is earning her Grand Diplome. You can read all about her adventures at her delightful blog Tokyo Table
We had a tour from the effusive Chef Giel  
And a delicious lunch.
Next stop Shibuya, the busiest intersection in Tokyo.
Then tea at L Occitane. It seems that every third restaurant in this very foodie city...


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