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Donna Fletcher Crow, Novelist of British History, has written more than 50 books specializing in British Christianity. These books include: The Monastery Murders, clerical mysteries; Lord Danvers Investigates, Victorian true-crime; The Elizabeth and Richard series, literary suspense; and Glastonbury, The Novel of Christian England. She loves research and sharing you-are-there experiences with her readers.

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Donna Fletcher Crow, Novelist of British History


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The Authorized Version

Donna Fletcher Crow, Novelist of British History

A traveling researcher engages people and places from Britain's past and present, drawing comparisons and contrasts between past and present for today's reader.

Jane Austen to Appear at Portsmouth Bookfest

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ January 20, 2021

Well, okay, I’ll be appearing in the persona of my favorite author. But surely, this will be a nostalgic return for Jane. Austen lived in nearby Southampton between 1806 and 1809. Austen set a major scene in her novel Mansfield Park in what is now Old Portsmouth. Her brothers Francis and Charles attended the royal Naval Academy in Portsmouth, and Francis, who rose to be Admiral of the Fleet, made his home in Portsmouth.


For my March 1 presentation at the Portsmouth Bookfest Jane will conduct us on walking tours of both Portsmouth...


Holding on Through the Covid Tunnel. Thoughts to Help

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ January 16, 2021

"I wonder if any year before 2021 has been greeted with such a universal sigh of relief? The feeling that ‘We made it!’ and ‘Things will surely get better now’ seem to be everywhere. 

"And the experts agree. But not yet. On January 2 ‘The Economist’ warned ‘The Tunnel Gets Darker.’ New mutations of the virus mean that ‘the nights are still growing longer.’ In many places hospitalized patients ‘have now exceeded the peak’ of last April. 

"The article concluded: ‘There is still light at the end of the tunnel. But the road through it has become a lot more treacherous.’ Vaccinations are, indeed, out there. Some, already delivered....


A Turkey Jane Austen Might have Recognized, Part 2

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ December 28, 2020

 As my regular readers will know, rather to my own surprise—and ultimate delight—for Thanksgiving I followed the turkey cooking recipe given in the new “Regency Recipes” column in the Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine—even to the extent of larding the bird without aid of a larding needle. (Read it here.)


As I said in that article,...


My Favorite Christmas Fantasy

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ December 10, 2020

For all of my adult life I have had a cherished fantasy. I see myself, with all my preparations done, lying on the sofa in front of the Christmas tree reading a Christmas novel. No matter that it never happens, I continue to hold to the shining image.


2020 just might be the year. In spite of all the frustrations—and for some people real tragedies—of Covid-19, all the enforced closures and restrictions have given many of us more time. Perhaps enough time, even, to read a Christmas novel in front of a decorated tree.

 With that happy thought in mind—and we do need happy thoughts these days—I’m delighted to recommend some of my favorite...


Kishanda Fulford, Janeite?

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ December 3, 2020

I have recently been paying more attention to those so-important Search Engine Optimization stats for my website. In checking the analytics, I have found some very helpful information—some encouraging, some not so, and some downright puzzling.


The most puzzling has been the listing of search topics that bring people to my website. For months, I would laugh and shake my head every time I found “Kishanda Fulford” high on the list. Sometimes even searches for “Kishanda Fulford death” brought people to my website. 

Who or what was Kishanda Fulford? I had some vague idea that perhaps she was a rock star, or one of those celebrities who are famous for being famous. And maybe she was dead, since...


A Turkey Jane Austen Would Recognize

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ November 28, 2020

I had decided. This Thanksgiving I would take it easy. We all know what a difficult year it has been, and only family members who live closest to us would be able to come for dinner. Definitely a good time to let the deli roast my turkey for me. 

Until I told my daughter-in-law, AKA the Grocery...


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