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Donna Fletcher Crow, Novelist of British History, has written more than 50 books specializing in British Christianity. These books include: The Monastery Murders, clerical mysteries; Lord Danvers Investigates, Victorian true-crime; The Elizabeth and Richard series, literary suspense; and Glastonbury, The Novel of Christian England. She loves research and sharing you-are-there experiences with her readers.

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Donna Fletcher Crow, Novelist of British History


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The Authorized Version

Donna Fletcher Crow, Novelist of British History

A traveling researcher engages people and places from Britain's past and present, drawing comparisons and contrasts between past and present for today's reader.

Join Me in Great Autumn Reading

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ October 7, 2020

Autumn is my favorite time of the year—I love the crisp days, the colorful foliage; I love taking walks in crunchy leaves, savoring that special tang to the autumn air; I love celebrating Harvest Festival at church, and handing out candy to our neighborhood spooks for Halloween.

But not this year. Apart from harvest and Halloween parties being locked down due to the Coronavirus, in our area devastating wildfires have turned our sky brown, making eyes...



By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ September 3, 2020

Well, even NASA has delays to their launches, so I shouldn’t have been surprised that mine was delayed. And the thing is—once it happens, it’s all the sweeter for the previous days of frustration. (There must be a life lesson in there somewhere.)

Anyway, I finally have the delight of announcing that Felicity and Antony’s Canadian adventure Against All Fierce Hostility, the Monastery Murders #6, is available in ebook and paperback on all Amazon sites.


The Monastery Murders moves to Canada when Antony is invited to lecture on the British saints who inspired the founding of Toronto and Felicity couriers an ancient manuscript connected with Saint Patrick to monasteries in Montreal and Vancouver.  A spectacular train journey across the breadth of...


Cover Reveal

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ August 5, 2020

Against all Fierce Hostility, book 6 in my Monastery Murders series, is due for publication later this month. The first new release in this series since 2015--I've been busy doing other things.

The Monastery Murders moves to Canada when Antony is invited to lecture on the British saints who inspired the founding of Toronto and Felicity couriers an ancient manuscript connected with Saint Patrick to monasteries in Montreal and Vancouver. A spectacular train journey across the breadth of the continent carries them even further away from the murder Felicity witnessed in England. Or does it?

The book will available for...


Facing Hard Times Together in Life and in Literature

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ May 26, 2020

NBC News 

Thankfully, the pandemic restrictions are easing for many of us. Good news, indeed. But now we must look at the economic concerns of what it means for millions of people around the world to be out of work, businesses closed, and supply lines interrupted. As the media never tires of warning us, the possibility of a depression looms.

As in my article a few weeks ago on plagues and pandemics, I again turn to literature for guidance and perspective. I recently met with a book club in another state—over Zoom, of course. I asked their members what they were reading and learned many were reading novels set during the Great Depression. 'It is comforting to see how others have handled things,' one lady said. 'Seeing others endure can help us...


Perspectives from History and Literature on Epidemics, Pandemics and Plagues

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ March 28, 2020


Photo credit

Now, there’s a cheery topic, if I ever heard one. Actually, though, the thing is that it is good news. I know that many of my readers have heard me say before that the great thing I learned from writing Glastonbury, which covers 1500 years of history, is that, no matter how dark the present may seem, times have always been worse before—and humanity has always survived. And triumphed.

Perhaps in the spirit of “Misery loves company,"  which was one of my mother’s favorite sayings, and even more appropriately, in tune with the Lenten hymn that begins, “Now let us all with one accord, In...


Saint Patrick Ignites the Flame

By Donna Fletcher Crow ~ March 17, 2020

About the year 425



The April countryside slid past the little coracles gliding up the River Boyne. All was a patchwork of every imaginable shade of green, from the forest black of ancient hill junipers to the tinted yellow of newborn shoots of spring wheat. And around every rath and on every hillside, baby lambs bleated, tottering after their mothers. Rocks, trees, and clouds shaded the land with blue, purple, and gray shadows, and Patrick thanked God that he and his fellow missionaries should have arrived at this wonderful season of the renewing of life.

Patrick took a deep breath of the fresh, moist air and shook his head at the wonder that he should be returning here—to the very land where he had been held as captive; to the very people for whom he had labored as a slave for six years. Renewed life, indeed. A time of studying in a monastery in France had kindled his passion to bring the light of Christ to these people who once enslaved him. And here he was back in Ireland on the very eve of Jesus’ victory over death....


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